Creating the perfect summer getaway right in your own backyard

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Creating the perfect summer getaway right in your own backyardCreating the perfect summer getaway right in your own backyard

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry  James

Summer relaxation is forever in the forefront of our minds; the perfect afternoon of lounging in the great outdoors with a cold fruity drink, while enjoying warm sunshine and cool afternoon breezes. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, with a few simple design tips, you can turn any outdoor sitting space into a summer oasis for you, your family, and your friends. It’s time to get it to have a place to sit back and truly enjoy summer.

Your new space needs to feel like an extension of your home, an outdoor living area, and it needs to be just as comfortable as your indoor living room. With some nice furniture, accessories and lighting, this will be easy to achieve.

Have a seat!

First, choose your furniture. Everyone’s style is a little bit different, so it’s good that there are choices as far as patio furniture.  There’s your standard wicker, your all weather resin, your basic metal, and your different types of wood. What you choose is clearly a personal choice, but keep in mind that resin and metal require less upkeep in the maintenance department.

The amount of space you have to work with can also influence your furniture choices. If you can’t fit a standard patio set, be creative! Benches, ottomans, and even hammocks are great choices for those lacking area in their oasis. Remember, no matter what you have to sit on, your objective is comfort and relaxation.


Nothing will bring your outdoor paradise to life like a little bit of style and a few personal touches. Let your outdoor area reflect your personality while keeping it inviting.

Keep in mind your desire for the outside area to be an extension of the inside area. What do you have inside that can be incorporated outside? How about pillows, cushions and rugs? All of these are available in beautiful bright colors and brassy bold patterns. It will be no problem to pick something that just screams “YOU!”

Cushions should be bought with remove able covers that can be laundered and changed out for each season. Rugs should be water, dirt, mold (and every other pesky outdoor problem) resistant. You can also opt for a rubber material slip resistant “rug” that just needs to be washed down and air-dried from time to time.

Mother Nature!

Of course in the great outdoors, we are naturally surrounded by nature. However, your summer getaway may benefit from a little addition here and there. It’s always pleasant to be encompassed by beauty.

Potted plants and flowers in exotic arrays of varying hues can really freshen up your sitting area. Pinks, reds, blue, and yellow totally engulfing your senses. Plus, don’t be afraid to go against conventional pots by using more eclectic choices. Old watering cans, faded teapots, colorful cracked pitchers, and assorted glass bowls are all amazing choices.

Lights! Camera! Action!

As the sun slowly sets beyond your spot of relaxation, now comes a perfect time to incorporate some special effects lighting to add a certain ambience at night.

Lots of little tea light candles or a few standard candles work well to create a natural light to hinder the darkness. Other good choices are Chinese lanterns or tiki torches. A nice fire pit can also offer much needed light on those cooler summer nights.


Your newfound summer refuge can easily go from a family sitting area to an entertaining area for your guests. Keeping it clean and tidy at all times will help you transition your friends from indoors to out whenever the mood strikes.

When you have guest over, a small table (antique is beautiful) would make a nice place for serving cocktails. Add a few colorful strings of light and a radio for background music, to make every gathering feel more like an occasion.

With a few minor touches, your relaxation haven can be a place of beautiful memories for every summer to come. Enjoy!