Is my security alarm a good idea while my home is on the market?

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Is my security alarm a good idea while my home is on the marketIs my security alarm a good idea while my home is on the market?

Certain situations may cause your home to be vacant while it is for sale and on the market. It may seem like a good idea to arm your security system in order to avoid burglars and for added protection, but it could become quite a hassle to agents who are trying to show your home to interested buyers. Many occasions of setting off the alarm have arisen from agents who failed to follow simple directions. Whether it is a lack of understanding of how to work the alarm, or not reading far enough into the listing to see a security code is needed, current false alarms are not likely to sit well with responding armed security or the police department. You can try to label the property as being shown only by appointment. Yet, overzealous agents are still apt to not pay any attention and enter the property anyway, setting off the incessant beeping and alerting the authorities.

So, what exactly should you do?

Reasons to set the security system

Only you as the seller know the current conditions and the crime rate of the area that your home is located in. If there is a high chance of someone breaking into your home, then by all means, set the alarm. If it causes you anxiety to know that your home is obviously unoccupied and you can’t relax because of it, it may be better for your sanity to know that it is set.

Reasons to pass on setting your security system

All of the false alarms are likely to become a problem, either for the neighbors, your agent or even for you. Some companies and cities charge a fee for false alarms that go over a certain limit. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry is tripping your system every other day, that could get extremely expensive for you! Also, realize that once your code is out there it isn’t 100% protected like when it was just you who knew it. If it gets posted on your listing, anyone who is with the showing agent could see it. There are honest people in the world, but that doesn’t mean everyone who sees your home is. It opens doors for those people, or even people that they may know, to be able to reenter your home with out an agent.  You can’t protect your password either. If an agent sets off the alarm and has to give your password to the security company, guess who just heard what it is? That’s right, the same people who could reenter at a later time…..and now they don’t need the code if they didn’t see it. Of course, you can always make your agent be present at every showing. That isn’t very feasible when your agent has a schedule and life of her own. Potential buyers may be turned off if they can’t see the home when it’s best for them. Some of them may decide to just bypass being shown your home altogether and cost you an actual sale.

Security and protection of your belongings is, without a doubt, very important. Just remember the problems listed here before you make a final decision about your alarm.