Ornamental grasses spruce up your garden

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Ornamental grasses spruce up your gardenOrnamental grasses spruce up your garden

“The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly”. –William Wordsworth

Most new gardeners choose to incorporate an abundance of plants with colorful flashy flowers into their design. Albeit beautiful, flowering plants only bloom for a month or two out of the entire year. To keep your garden attractive during the rest of the time, look to ornamental grasses for a vibrant contrast that requires very little maintenance. The longevity of ornamental grasses will keep the area interesting for 3-4 seasons during a year.

Ornamental grasses come in a wide variety of colors. From basic green to black, orange, brown, red and blue; there’s nothing mundane about the hues of this grass. Color isn’t the only appealing feature though. The texture of these grasses usually differs a great deal from other plants in the garden. They truly stand out amongst large bold leaves and small fine leaves, with their long narrow blades. The feel and visual enhancement would definitely help to add a new and exciting texture. Experiment with placing ornamental grasses next to your other shrubs and bushes. Pairing dark against light and mixing colors can create quite a dramatic effect in gardening. The results are absolutely stunning. Whether you decide to use them alone as a focal point for your garden or in a mass group to give the feel of a gentle meadow, ornamental grass can be a nice addition to your space.

The 10 top ornamental grasses:

Blue fescue- Thin blue blades with flowering that is slim and blue-green

Blue oat grass- Stiff bluish blades with wheat hued flowers

Feather reed grass- Green with silvery bronze to purple flowers

Fountain grass- Dark green with large rose colored flowers

Indian grass- Blue-green leaves which turn purplish-blue amid golden and burnt red flowers

Japanese forest grass- Golden stems with a red/pink tinge

Japanese blood grass- Bright green leaves at the bottom and deep red from the middle to the top with silver/white flowers

Maiden- Tufts of green with silvery pastel pink/brown flowers

Pampas grass- Medium green with silver flowers tinged with pink or purple

Switch grass- Green or metallic-blue leaves with purple/green flowers